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Wholesale Printed Photo
Restaurant Dinner Plates!
USA & Canada

Note: 90% in stock. Everything matches. A complete line for commercial use. FDA approved! and
Ministry of Health (Canada) approved
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Dishes /Restaurant Dishes To:
All over USA & Canada also
The Caribbean
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Phone/Text: 416 410 8797
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Paris Group Dishware Sales Office:
1166 Gorham St, Unit 5
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Main Office:
1166 Gorham St, Unit 5
Newmarket Ontario
L3Y 8W4
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Home Page
Home Page
These are our Custom, Printed Plates. We also do mugs too...
Your Logo, Your Website, Your Name on Plates and bowls and mugs!
Sold both to our USA and Canadian Customers.
Plates & Mugs...
These plates were
made for an

Using their 'coat of
arms' and colors.

Making a dinner
plate, bowl and side
These plates
made for the
famous Indy 500

These are all
food grade and
approved for
commercial use.
We use a patent

Screen Printing
is about 100
(dots per sq.

This is over

We can make 1 or 1000 pieces.

Often Weddings need a plate
or just a few.

Or a restaurant wants to buy a
sample to see first.

Or a company is looking at
giving a gift and need only a
small run.

If you rather keep costs down, and
don't want anything to fancy (like a

We can print a simple restaurant name
or web address on the rim.

Remember everthing printed is food
grade and commerical restaurant
dishwasher safe.

Will NOT fade or wear out.
NEVER! (you will break the plate first)

This is just showing the printing done
on a 6 1/2" side plate.

It was also printed on a silver rimmed
expensive plate with the Washington
State University Logo in the middle.

This is a plate used for a gift but is 100%
approved and safe to use even through a
million washes of our restaurant
dishwasher - the print is that durable!

We use the same technology on our
bowls and mugs as well.

These two photos show the color of the green leaves above
for the Rosewood Bed and Breakfast.

Also showing the gentle color of purple with flower to the
We can print all the colors (photos and even hand writing)
And remember its food grade.
We don't just hang up our plates as decoration - heck no,
we use them! see more
Made In USA
Made In USA
Our Patented "Chemology" Printing System.
Prints Mugs and Plates with NO Lead and
Food Safe - across USA and Canada.
Your Image is "safe with us" because it will
not wear or fade (even 10,000 times in a
Mugs that wont
fade warranty 10
to 25 years. (2
options) click mug
for more info.
Porcelain Christmas
Ornaments that
wont fade. 10 to 25
year warranty (2
options) click
ornament for more