WE may be the only wholesaler of commercial dishware to explain
this and be able to ship out, next day in many cases to either the US
or Canada - having large stock in both locations.

So, when you see different prices and dishware on seperate pages, on
our www.RestaurantDishes.net website, you will know why.

We ship out of Toronto Canada for our Canadian Customers.
We ship out of Baltimore USA for our U.S. Customers.
You can pick up as well, if you can and arrange for pick up.

For the US restaurants and resorts and business, the dishes we sell

FDA Compliant - so order with confidence.

Routinely tested for FDA compliance in all materials. We can also
help arrange for any testing required to meet your needs (if you
require even more). We work with international testing labs and can
arrange tests for FDA compliance, California Prop 65 compliance,
CPSIA compliance, as well as dishwasher, microwave and durability
testing. Any additional testing is done at the customerís expense,
and we will work closely with the labs to make sure proper test
methods are utilized.

Because we sell wholesale commercial
restaurant white porcelain dishware
(wholesale dishes) to restaurants and resorts
(and government too), across the USA and
Canada, these countries have different laws
and requirements for dishware.
We supply from our Canadian Warehouse,
Ministry of Health approved dishware, to
Canadian Customers.
We supply from our US Warehouse
FDA approved dishware to our USA customers.
www.RestaurantDishes.net 1 855 410 8797
All FDA & Ministry of Health Approved
www.RestaurantDishes.net 1 855 410 8797
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