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Wholesale Restaurant
Commerical Dishware
Shipping Information
both for USA & Canadian

We've Shipped Restaurant
Wholesale Square Dishes To:
All Across USA & Canada
& The Caribbean

Phone: 416 410 8797
1 855 410 8797
When we ship dishware, it is done correctly.

Do NOT purchase commerical dishware from any source that
says they ship via courier or UPS or regular Mail/Post.


Dishes break, and they have to be shipped via truck on a skid or
pallet, and that is the only way we ship dishes, so you get your
dishware (although its good quality) intact.

Note: you can pick up if you are in Toronto Canada
Also in Baltimore USA, please call to make arrangements first.

99% of our orders are shipped out. We will work out a weight
and shipping cost, and put it on your invoice.

We have very good rates across the US & Canada. (having done
this many times before, many times per day!)

We've also built crates for shippment to the islands or to
some more remote places, to help secure the order.
Rarely do we see any breakage in shipping, because of how
we ship it safely, always going top freight, as you can not
add anything on top of your pallet of dishes.

Simply not stacking pallets - we don't permit it so it never
shipped that way

So, because of this, we do not have a warranty on breakage in
any way shape or form. These are commercial dishes, shipped
the correct way, with very little problems.
(because it is done as right as one can).

Questions on shipping or rates call 1 855 410 8797

Phone: 416 410 8797
1 855 410 8797
Call customer service for dishware orders and shipping pricing.
Dishware Sales Office:
1271 Gorham St, Unit 10
Newmarket, Ontario
L3Y 8Y7
Sales Office:
1271 Gorham St, Unit 10
Newmarket Ontario
L3Y 8Y7