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Wholesale Dishes & Dishware,
Glassware & Restaurant Supply!
Phone/Text: 416 410 8797
Toll Free 1 855 410 8797 ext 1
Fax: 416-765-0071
Paris Group Inc.
1166 Gorham St, Unit 5
Newmarket, Ontario
L3Y 8W4
We've Shipped Wholesale
Dishes /Restaurant Dishes To:
All over USA & Canada &
The Caribbean
We are direct importers and distributors of:
Wholesale Dishes, Plates, Cups and Saucers, Bowls, Flatware, Serving Dishes and more.
We Supply: Restaurants, Resorts, Senior Homes, Retirement Homes, and Schools. Shipping Information here.
Our Dishware Promise...
* Excellent Quality (commerical grade dishware) especially
our USA made porcelain dishware with warranty!!
* Our Wholesale Dishes are Almost always in stock a large
inventory, shipping out of Toronto Canada & New York,
Maryland and Arizona USA.
* Our Restaurant Dishes are True Wholesale Prices,
and great value.
* Colours and Matching easy, because our Royal White
Commercial Wholesale Dishline hasn't changed for years!
Making it easier for you as a restaurant or resort owner.
Commercial Wholesale Porcelain Dishware: USA & CANADA
Wholesale Dinner Plates
Side Plates
Serving Plates
Wholesale Bowls
Soup and Salad Bowls
Serving Bowls
Wholesale Cups & Saucers & Mugs
Cappuccino & Espresso
Wholesale Platters
and Serving Platters
Wholesale 'Add On's'
Gravy Float
Salt & Pepper
Tea/Coffee Pot & Sugar Bowls
Wholesale Flatware
Wholesale Cutlery
Canadians Click The Picture Below & US clients click US FLAG or
click here for USA made dishware both for Canadians and Americans
White Commercial Wholesale
Square Porcelain Dishware
Square Restaurant
Dishware Cups &
Saucers and Mugs
White Commercial Wholesale
Triangle Porcelain Dishware
Dishware for
-Dishwasher Safe
-Microwave Safe
Wholesale Triangle Dishware
Dinner Plates, Bowls
Regency Collection
Commercial Wholesale
Porcelain Dishware
Wholesale Regency Dish Collection
(same as Royal White Line) but with
the gold type pattern.
Note: Commercial Dishware is
inter-changeable. As Royal White Dishline
and this Regency Dish Collection are the
same sizes and dish type.
Commercial Restaurant Wholesale
Pop Glass
Beverage Glass
Beer Glass
Drinking Glass
Commercial Restaurant Wholesale
Pasta Bowls
Neat Designs!
Restaurant Grade
Pasta Bowls
Large Aluminum
and some Stainless
Steel Stock Pots
Cookware Bakeware
PizzaPans and more.
Commercial Restaurant Wholesale
Cookware & Bakeware
Chaffing Dishes
Call customer service for dishware orders and shipping pricing.
Wine Glasses
Red Wine Glasses
White Wine Glasses
Water Goblets
Stemmed Glasses
Juice Glasses
Small Glasses
Dishware, Dinnerplates,
Bowls & Plates
Wholesale Melamine
Different Patterns too!
Small Dishware Sets
Dessert Glassware
Stainless Steel
Mixing Bowls.
Water Jugs
Glass Pitchers
Assorted Coffee Mugs
Tea Mug
Espresso Cup & Saucer
Wholesale Tea Pots & Coffee Pots
White Porcelain
Fine Dining
Elegant Glassware
Made in Italy!
Please email us (yellow envelope tab above to left) or use the automatic 'text' chat-box on bottom right
of each page. We carry three (3) lines:
1) our standard commercial porcelain dinnerware. Canadian Ministry of Health approved.
2) Also our "Hotel Line" which is higher than our standard but double or more in cost, as well as in our
US warehouse we have dishware that is FDA approved.
3) our higher line of commercial porcelain dinnerware, which is Made in USA (very durable and with
warranty) And these are sold, both in the USA and Canada. Sorry we do NOT have 'cash and carry'.
More In Stock
More Being Added...
13" Charger Plates
Newly Added
Call customer service for dishware orders and shipping pricing.
How We Ship? Shipping
Dishes to Canada & USA
Information Here
Canadian Address:
New Link to
Triangle Dishes
White Commercial Wholesale
Dishware for our
USA Customers
About us...
* We understand the Restaurant & Resort Dishware
market, but we also sell to schools, gov't & business too.
* Dishware must be approved by FDA in the U.S. and
Ministry of Health in Canada - we are in both!
* 80% of our product line is in stock, and only 50% of
our products are on this site - if you can't find it call us.
* We ship dishware via truck, on pallets/skids. If you
see a US Flag beside a picture that clicks to our US site.
US Flag brings
you to our USA
Dishware area
Home Page
Home Page
Phone: 416 410 8797
Toll Free 1 855 410 8797
Fax: 416-765-0071
Wholesale Decorative Fancy
Designed Dinner Plates
These are shipped to
the USA & Canada.
USA Address:
Paris Group Inc.
C/O Benlin
2769 Broadway
Unit XP0250
Buffalo NY 14227
This is 1 (one) of the
warehouse loading
areas, of where your
dishes come....HUGE
Unique Porcelain Products.
Like Ornaments, Shapes &
Small Pieces
These are shipped to
the USA & Canada.
Quality Dishes Made in USA
but sold in large quantities only.
Email Here
Home Page
Home Page
USA - Imports
Home Page
Made in USA
Printed Plates
FDA Approved
Prop 65
Dishware Is
Guaranteed Not To
We can print
on our imported
dishware or our
USA made Dishware
(on right). Or you
can purchase them
of course without
US Flag brings
you to our USA
Dishware area
US Flag brings
you to our USA
Dishware area
US Flag brings
you to our USA
Dishware area
US Flag brings
you to our USA
Dishware area
Home Page
Made in USA
Paris Group Inc.
Showroom/Sales Office
1166 Gorham St, Unit 5
Newmarket, Ontario
L3Y 8W4